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Verified Nano Representatives

n9Mtq4's nano node

No introduction
0.0002 %

Kedrin Node

No introduction
0.0002 %


No introduction
0.0004 %


I run this node to support the network.
0.0006 %

Nano Poker Club

This node runs 24/7 to support payments for the Nano Poker Club.
0.0009 %


wanted to help the network
0.0021 %


I host a representative to contribute to the decentralization of Nano. By setting up a dedicated representative for Nanocast, I hope to encourage my listeners to switch from an official rep and lead by example. Join the club, set up a rep!
0.0022 %

Nano Node London

To help decentralise the network
0.0038 %

Xianub Romania

Nano representative
0.004 %

Nanoble Node

This is a noble node
0.0051 %

Twitter Nano Tip Bot

I needed a node to test out development for the Nano Tip Bot on Twitter
0.0094 %

Nano Enthusiast.
0.01 %


I run this node to power the Graham NANO tip bot on Banano's discord server
0.0111 %

NANO Skynode

A Nano node run by lephleg, trying to support and explore every aspect of the network.
0.0113 %

I'd really like to see Nano succeed, so I set up this node to support the network. Feel free to message me anything regarding this representative and Nano on Reddit/Discord.
0.0132 %


I am the initial developer of the Nano Node Monitor and a member of Nano Tools @ GitHub (
0.0218 %


At NanoThings we want to help to support the project and community as much as we can. We will use profits from our merchandise sales to run this node :)
0.0799 %


Simulation hypothesis is true.
0.0966 %


A UK-based Node.
0.104 %

3D Penis Nano Node

Our Mission Statement: To accelerate the advent of 3-dimensional penises by way of a Nano Node. Set your representative to xrb_1asau6gr8ft5ykynpkauctrq1w37sdasdymuigtxotim6kxoa3rgn3dpenis today!
0.105 %

Marvel's Node - Europe

I'm 50 years old, I'm Project Director working for a US IT company. I've been passionate about new technologies for a very long time. I decided in January 2018 to run a Nano node, since I really like the concept and would be happy to help with decentralization. I take care of my node, monitored 24/7, always updated to last Nano version within 24h. I expect to run it for a long time, it's a personal and financial commitment (yes, I pay for that :-) !) to support Nano.
0.11 %

The initial reason for this node was that I wanted reliable data for the project. Now, after a couple of months experience of keeping it running, I'm confident I can maintain it, so I've opened it up as a representative.
0.113 %

Severalif's node -

I'm a Swedish software engineer. I run this node because it's fun and because I believe in Nano. Node spec: 4 dedicated cores, 12 GB RAM, SSD, @Netcup.
0.114 %

NanoMate Representative

This representative account runs on the NanoMate node and will help to decentralize the Nano network.
0.117 %

MuffinNode, Frankfurt/M, Germany

I Personally own Nano, and want to support the Network!
0.117 %

Deutscher Nano Knoten

DualCore Intel Xeon - 8GB RAM - 40 GB SSD - Raid10 - 40 TB Traffic - 200 MBit/s
0.117 %

1NANO Community

Official representative node of 1NANO Community. Hosted in DigitalOcean NYC3 datacenter. The node operator has been a contributor to documentation & marketing efforts for the Nano project since RaiBlocks. Support us: xrb_1afneznu193ae3pepa8aqkiuwfb4eyq7pe98z758c5j8w7wi897px853wifi Please note this is not the node address; it is for donations only.
0.117 %


I'm running some nodes to keep the network fine, and I'm interested in the tech.
0.12 %

Snow & Hot Cocoa

A little node run out of snowy Canada to support the Nano network.
0.12 %


I run this representative because NANO is awesome!
0.122 %

Hosted in support of a decentralized Nano network since January 2018
0.122 %

CPU: Xeon 6 core (12 threads) - RAM: 32GB DDR4 - Drives: SSD RAID 1 - Connection: 1Gbit
0.122 %


Nano is here to takeover as earth's digital currency. I’m running this representative node to help ensure this becomes a reality!
0.128 %

Polish Nano Node

Node hosted in Poland [Warsaw] by Polish Nano supporter!
0.132 %

I own and operate a Managed IT services company. I love NANO, just doing my part!
0.136 %

I've been following Nano daily since Dec 2017 and I plan to run this node for the foreseeable future. The node has been hosted on digitalocean since Feb 2018 but will soon have it's own dedicated server or Brainblocks Pod.
0.137 %

NiF's Node -

I am a software developer from northern germany. I run this node on a german hoster I trust with many services. Hosting anything (Email, cloudstorage, etc.) is a hobby of me since some years now. There are checks in place which notify me when there is something up with my node to ensure an uptime of >99% since January 2018. If you have further questions check out the about page on my monitor page at
0.143 %


We need MOOORE nodes!
0.145 %

Noli Me Tangere

Hosted on a bigger DigitalOcean Instance with 8GB, 4vCPU's, 128GB SSD. Node will only go down for required Ubuntu security updates or node software upgrades. Latest node software will be installed after approximately 7 days unless criticality dictates otherwise. Additional Netdata Monitoring:
0.154 %

Canoe representative

This is the representative run by the Canoe project, the cross platform Open Source Nano wallet. Our nano node serves more than 2500 Canoe apps, both mobile and desktop and we are working hard to make it as secure and robust as possible.
0.363 %


I am a software engineer and crypto enthusiast that loves everything about Nano. Just doing my part to help Nano succeed!
0.567 %


0.754 %


No introduction
1.33 %


The official node used for NanoVault wallets
5.35 %